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International Sport Village Camp in amazing Italy!

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We offer camps for children 6 to 12 years old. Field trips to amusement park and fun park. Emergency doctor on site.

Dates; August 6-12 and/or August 13-20

Accomodation: rooms with 3 to 5 single beds and private bathrooms, great Italian food 3 course meals

Location: Lignano Sabbiadoro

1 hour from Venice Airport

For all the details contact: whatsapp/viper: + 974 33110891 – Coach Ludy

Sportivamente Move&Learn s.s.a.rl

Has been founded by Annalisa Rovere

Coordinator for London Village Camps since 1995

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Parent can come as well to Italy and children can take part in the day camp formula 9 A.M to 6 P.M.Sport facillities: volley/basket/soccer fields, tennis court, indoor and outdoor pools, aqua park with water slides, beach volley, gym room for gymnastics training.

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What is  Gymnastics and why is it good for your children?

It’s fun and energetic exercises, where kids develop character and ambitions, learn discipline, improve their performance in any sports, build self-confidence, and lean how to be a part of the team.

Gymnastics is a sport in which athletes called gymnasts perform acrobatic feats – leaps, flips, turns, handstands and more – on a piece of apparatus such as a balance beam, or with a piece of apparatus like a rope, hoop or ribbon.

Gymnastics teaches participants how to move, roll, jump, swing and turn upside down. Gymnastics is an exciting activity and sport for its unique contribution to general fitness, coordination, agility, strength, balance and speed. Gymnastics provides a sound foundation in movement for boys and girls of all ages. This allows everyone to develop their whole body which is useful in all other sports and activities.

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ASSISTANCE: The Qatar Camp group  is  supervised and assisted by Ludy, who will provide also for the pick up and delivery at the airport Venice, Marco Polo, of the children. Coordinator of the Camp is  Annalisa Rovere who has developed and supervised highly successful camps for over 20 years. She is dedicated to , and she is passionate about providing a fun, positive experience  for each participant. She is a native Canadian, elementary Montessori teacher, language trainer TEFL and TESL, and a youth fitness trainer 2 to 12 and YogaStoryTelling Certified. She is committed to the safety and well being of all participants with the support of a team  of experienced English speaking tutors.